Climate Control Requirements

Last updated: August 17, 2023
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It is important to maintain a temperature range of 60° to 80° Fahrenheit and a Relative Humidity range of 45% to 65% to avoid negatively impacting:

  • Print quality
  • Proper consistency of ink and pretreatment
  • Shelf life of ink and pretreatment
  • Service life of print head
Temperature and Humidity

How does the environment impact print quality?

If the humidity is too high, fabrics can absorb and retain moisture, causing ink to bleed. We recommend doing a final heat press on any garment that was previously pretreated to steam out any moisture and remove any wrinkles.

How does the environment impact ink and pretreatment?

The shelf life of our inks and pretreat material is normally one year, but temperatures exceeding 80° Fahrenheit can cause the consistency of inks and pretreatment to permanently change, whether in the equipment or still in their original containers. If this happens the nozzles of the print head or pretreat device may clog, so the material should be replaced to avoid damaging your equipment.

How does the environment impact the service life of the print head?

If the humidity is too low atomized ink can dry on the print head plate and cause clogging. Also, if temperatures exceed 80° Fahrenheit the consistency of the ink can permanently change and result in clogging print head nozzles, potentially requiring that the print head be replaced.

Clogging of the print head due to temperatures or relative humidity outside of the recommended ranges is not covered by your printer’s warranty.

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