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Last updated: March 12, 2024
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The Omni DTF ships with the following components, supplies, accessories, and parts.

DescriptionImageSupplies Part #
OmniDTF Printer
DTF Shaker/Oven
White Gamut Plus Hybrid ink, 500mlWhite Gamut Plus Hybrid inkGMTHW500M
Cyan Gamut Plus Hybrid ink, 250mlCyan Gamut Plus Hybrid inkGMTHC250ML
Magenta Gamut Plus Hybrid ink, 250mlMagenta Gamut Plus Hybrid inkGMTHM250ML
Yellow Gamut Plus Hybrid ink, 250mlYellow Gamut Plus Hybrid inkGMTHY250ML
Black Gamut Plus Hybrid ink, 250mlBlack Gamut Plus Hybrid inkGMTHB250ML
500mL Super CleanerSuper Cleaner, 1 literFJSC500ML
4 oz. Super Nozzle CleanerSuper Nozzle CleanerFJSNC4
Blue grease (7g)Blue greaseFJG7G
Anti-static foam swabs (5)swabs (5)P-MC1007
Digital thermometer/hygrometerHygrometer & temperature gaugeTHERMO
100 meters of DTF film, cold peelCold peel film rollDTF-CPRL100
1kg DTF PowderDTF Powder, 1kgDTF-PWD1KG
USB 4GB memory stick for Omni DTF UI softwareOmniDTF UI software USB on thumb drive
Print Pro DTF software & USB security key dongle for Omni DTFPrint Pro DTF Mini package
Damper (spare)DamperP-DTF3020
Squeeze bottle, 8 oz. (empty)Squeeze bottleP-BT1021
Power cord (2, 1 ea. for printer & oven)Power cordP-DTF4106
Ethernet Cable Male-to-MaleP-DTF4109 - Ethernet cableP-DTF4109
USB-C to Ethernet adapterUSB-C to Ethernet adapterP-DTF3026
USB-C (F) to USB-A (M) adapterUSB-C (F) to USB-A (M) adapterP-DTF3024
8 in. Slip Joint PliersP-DTF3028 - 8 in. Slip Joint Pliers for DTF Printer
#2 x 8″ Phillips screwdriver#2 x 8" Phillips screwdriver
5mm hex key wrench, L shapedAllen wrench 5mm - DTF3022
4mm hex key wrench, L shaped4mm Hex Key Wrench L Shaped
Washer for M6 screw (10)P-DTF2020 - Washer for M6 screw
M6 flanged button screw (10)P-DTF2021 - M6 flanged button screw
Cardboard core, 14.5″ (empty roll)OmniDTF cardboard coreP-DTF2019
Printer standPrinter stand
Oven stand (disassembled, see link below for assembly instructions).Oven stand
Bridge R4P-DTF1027 - Bridge
Union bridge R3P-DTF1029 - Union Bridge
DTF Air PurifierAir Purifier
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