OmniDTF User Manuals

Download or view an OmniDTF User Manual from the below links.

The fastest way to identify which manual version is right for you is to identify whether or not your waste ink bottle is mounted on the back of the printer (original version) or to the right side of the printer stand (2.0 version).

OmniDTF Hardware – Assembly Manual

This document (download link below) is provided with each OmniDTF system and delivered as a link in the shipment notification email.

Please note that this is not an operating manual but instructions for the assembly of the equipment.

OmniPrint is currently delivering the printer stand pre-assembled. Along with stand assembly instructions, this document also covers attaching the OmniDTF printer and Dust-Curing Machine to their respective stands, attaching the two bridge pieces that connect the OmniDTF printer and Dust-Curing Machine, mounting the film roll mechanisms, aligning the film, and attaching the waste ink bottle.

Please download or view the manual from the below link.

DTF for Freejet Instructions

Please note that the number of Environments available for the Freejet 330TX and 330TX Plus has been expanded significantly since this manual was published.

See the DTF Environment Guidelines & Troubleshooting Tips document linked in the Attachments section below for details on the use of those Environments.

The updated Environments are available from the Installing Freejet DTF Environments in the Related Articles section below.

Download the DTF for Freejet Manual from the below link.

Freejet 330-Series Quick Reference Guides

The Quick Reference Guide is a handy collection of information targeted to new customers, and it is also a great resource for more experienced customers who need a quick reminder of how to reach OmniPrint, the steps in starting up the printer, etc.

Freejet 330TX - SGIA Product of the Year 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016

The Maintenance Log sheets are particularly valuable to anyone & everyone who uses a Freejet printer, to make sure the required preventative maintenance is being performed on the recommended schedule.

Here’s a breakdown of the contents.

  • Support and Training Contact Information
  • Head strikes: What they are and how to avoid them
  • Environment and Shelf Life
  • Control Pad Quick Reference
  • Start Up Routine
  • Setting Up a Print in DirectRIP
  • DTG Success Formula
    • Garment selection
    • Pretreatment & Print Quality
    • Artwork design for DTG
  • Maintenance
  • Consumable Parts
  • Products & Supplies Price List
  • Maintenance Schedule Log Sheets

Download a copy of the Quick Reference for the Freejet 330TX or 330TX PLUS from the below links.