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Last updated: March 5, 2024
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Button Combinations & Extended Presses

FreeJet Control Panel

FunctionButton Action
Automatic Height Set‘Function’ + ‘Rear’
Undock print head carriage for maintenance
(Tap ‘Function’ to dock)
‘Function’ + ‘Up’
Run a head cleanPress ‘Feeding’ for 5 seconds
Enter Layer Setting mode
(Tap ‘Function’ to save setting and exit)
Press ‘Function’ for 5 seconds
Start priming pump
(Tap ‘Function’ to stop pump)
‘Power’ + ‘Down’
Move gantry to front Print Ready position
(Toggles between rear/home position and front)
Manual ink chip reset‘Function’ + ‘Stand-by’ x 2
See page 4 of the User Manual for more details about control panel operations.
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