Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my printer only printing the white under base?

    To print a ‘double pass’ it’s necessary to change the layer setting to B. If your Freejet is set to A but you’d like a second layer, simply press Standby and the printer gantry will return to print position and print the second layer.

    FreeJet 330TX

  • What should I do when my ‘Ink’ light turns on?

    There is nothing that you need to do when your Freejet printer’s ‘Ink’ light comes on.

    The ink light will come on from time to time because part of the print head’s supporting electronics monitor ink usage and have noted that nearly a cartridge worth of ink has been used for one or more of the 8 ink lines.

    Since FreeJet printers use a bulk ink system rather than ink cartridges (to reduce your ink cost and maintenance time) you can safely ignore the ‘Ink’ light. Your printer includes an Ink Reset feature that will automatically notify the ink monitoring system that a new ink cartridge has been installed, and the ink light will then turn off. Note that the ink light will flash just before the reset is completed, but nothing needs to be done by the operator as this is an automated function.

    You also have an option to perform a manual ink light reset process with the following steps:

    1. Press ‘Function’ + ‘Stand-by’
    2. Pause for 4-5 seconds
    3. Press ‘Function’ + ‘Stand-by’ a second time

    If the ink light doesn’t reset automatically or manually, contact technical support.

  • What is the difference between the ‘Dark’ and ‘Black’ Environments in DirectRip?

    The only difference between these two Environments is that the Dark Environment will use ink to print all colors in your design, including black, while the Black Environment will not use any black ink.

    The ‘Dark’ and ‘Black’ Environment types in DirectRip will lay down exactly the same white underbase while printing the first layer, with no underbase printed where the design contains pure black elements.

    So we can save black ink by using the Black Environment when printing onto black shirts. The black color of the shirt will provide the black elements for the design.

    Of course, if the Black Environment is used when printing on any other color of shirt (not a black shirt), then any black content in the design will appear as the color of the shirt. So we only want to use the Black Environment for printing on black shirts.

    The Dark Environment should be used for all shirt colors except black or white.

  • When should I refill my Freejet printer’s ink bottles?

    Since we know that the Freejet printer’s ‘Ink’ light does not indicate that we need to refill the printer’s ink bottles, how do we know when they should be filled?

    The chromed bracket holding the ink bottles on the rear of the printer has a vertical slot cut out at each bottle position, so we can visually monitor the ink level for each color channel. We want to make sure that the ink level in each bottle is at least halfway up the distance of that slot (represented by the red lines in the below image), and recommend checking the levels at the beginning of each printing day and refilling at this time, as needed.

    Be careful not to overfill the ink bottles, as doing so can cause leakage of ink into the body of the printer, through the outer sheath that carries the ink tube into the printer’s chassis. Only fill each bottle until the ink level reaches the top of the bracket — no higher than that.

  • How do I make my image have more pop?

    Print quality and vibrancy are determined by two major factors; pretreating and color strength. If a garment is not properly pretreated the print may not transfer onto the garment optimally. It’s often necessary to experiment with various brands to find the proper pretreatment amounts.

    You can also increase color strength to add more color to a print. However, adding more color may cause there to be too much ink introduced to a garment and the ink may bleed or not properly dry.

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