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To update the Environments in Print Pro for your OmniDTF printer, download the file at the bottom of this article and follow the below steps.

Details on recommended usage of the various OmniDTF Environments installed with these instructions are available from a knowledge base article link at the bottom of this page.

Installing the Environments

The installation process of the Environments is quick and easy.

  1. Download the Environments file to the PC on which you’ve installed Print Pro.
    • See the download link at the bottom of this article.
  2. Extract the .kiee file from the downloaded zip file.
    • Placing the file on the Windows Desktop is recommended to easily find the file. It can be deleted after this installation process.
  3. Run Print Pro.

  4. Select the Home tab, then click the Import button.
    Print Pro Home tab and Import button

  5. Select the .kiee file that was unzipped from the download, then click the Open button.
    File selection for Import

  6. If prompted with a message of “Already ‘Omni DTF-720×3600’ environment exist.” (The actual environment name will vary), click the Yes button.
    • If prompted to Select environment settings to use, select ‘Use new environment settings only’ and click OK.
  7. Click OK on the “Media packages imported successfully” window.
    Import successful message

  8. Exit out of the Print Pro program, then restart it.

The OmniDTF Environments have now been updated and are ready for use.

Print Pro Environments download link
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