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Download the file at the bottom of this article (or by clicking here), then use the following process to update the Environments in your installation of Print Pro for the OmniDTF printer when directed to do so by OmniPrint staff, as needed.

Installing the Environments

The installation process of the Environments is quick and easy.

  1. Download the Environments file to the PC on which you’ve installed Print Pro.
    1. Extract the OmniDTF.kiee file from the downloaded zip file.
      1. Placing the file on the Windows Desktop is recommended to ease access.
  2. Run Print Pro.
  3. Navigate in Windows File Explorer to the location in which the OmniDTF.kiee Environments file has been extracted.
  4. Click & drag the Environments file onto the Print Pro workspace, but not in the Queue Manager subwindow (anywhere within the green box in the below image).

    Screenshot of DirectRIP and Environments file
  5. Click the Yes button when prompted with a message of “Already ‘Omni DTF-720×3600’ environment exist.” (The actual environment name will vary.)
  6. When prompted to Select environment settings to use, select ‘Use new environment settings only’ and click OK.
  7. Click OK on the window message of “Media packages imported successfully.”
  8. Exit out of the Print Pro program, then restart it.

The OmniDTF Environments have now been installed or updated and are now ready for use.

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