How Big Can I Make My Prints?

Last updated: October 17, 2023
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All printers have a maximum printable area, at least for the width, related to the dimensions of the carriage mechanism which moves the printhead back and forth while printing.

DTG printers will also have a maximum platen size defining the biggest printable width and length. This maximum size will apply whether the operator is operating in DTG mode or printing onto a sheet of film.

DTF printers will also have a maximum width, while those which load film from a roll (such as the OmniDTF) can have a virtually unlimited print job length.

The following table shows the maximum printable area for all of OmniPrint’s DTG and DTF printers.

Printer ModelMax WidthMax Length
FreeJet 330TX12.5 inches22.6 inches (with XL platen)
FreeJet 330TX Plus12.5 inches22.6 inches (with XL platen)
OmniPrint i216 inches20 inches
Cheetah16 inches20 inches
OmniDTF14.5 inches238 feet (2,856 inches)
Printable area of OmniPrint printers.
Remember that any margins must be considered and added to the selected image’s related dimension when determining the maximum print size. For example, if the maximum length is 18″ and a 2″ margin will be added to the top, then the maximum length of the image to be printed will be 16″.
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