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Print Pro provides a rich set of features to set up a print job layout using one or more images. This article is intended to supplement your Omniprint training as a handy reference to refresh your memory and use as a checklist of the process steps.

Loading Your Images

Print Pro makes loading your image a snap! You can either use the ‘File Browser’ to select & load image files or simply click and drag any compatible image from the Windows File Explorer into the Print Pro workspace! (If using the drag & drop feature, you can drop the image file anywhere on the workspace except the Queue Manager at the bottom of the window.)

Setting the Image Parameters

  1. Size the image in the Q Rip window
    • Use the bottom Size option to rescale the image as needed, ensuring that the width does not exceed 14.25″
      • When resizing, be sure the padlock icon option is checked to lock the aspect ratio and prevent distorting the image (see red box in the below image)

        Q Rip window Size and Position settings
  2. Confirm the Position of the image
    • The default settings of ‘Left’ and ‘Top’ are always used in the Q Rip window (see green box in the above image.) This allows the software to maximize the efficiency of linear film use when creating print jobs with multiple images.
  3. Create a White Underbase Choke
    1. Click anywhere on the opened image
    2. Click on the Image menu
      Image menu with White Underbase Choke option
    3. Click on White Underbase Choke
    4. Accept the default Choke Width value of 2.0 then click OK.
      Create Choke dialog

The image is now configured and ready to be loaded onto a Layout.

If you want to print a Layout with a combination of various images on it, repeat the above steps to open and set parameters for each image that you want to add to the Layout before proceeding.

Creating the Layout

Now that any images that we want to print have been loaded and their parameters have been set, we’re ready to create the Layout that the images will be placed onto, using the following steps.

  1. If the Page Layout window isn’t already open, select Open Layout from the Home toolbar
    Open Layout
  2. Create a New Layout
    1. Click on the Layout menu, then select New, then New Layout…
      New Layout creation

      The Print Setup window for a New Layout will appear.
      New Layout Setup
      1. Select an Environment from the Environment > Name dropdown list
        • Omni DTF-720×3600 HQ is recommended for best quality & saturation, as shown above
      2. Confirm that the Settings box shows your OmniDTF printer for both the Model and the Select printer dropdown list options
        • Note that the name that appears in the Select printer option will be whatever the printer was called when this software was initially set up, typically Omni DTF
      3. Confirm that the Page / Platen Size is set to Film (14.50 x 19.69 inch)
  3. Load Opened Image(s) to the Layout
    • Any images loaded and configured in the Set the Image Parameters section above will appear under the Page Layout window’s Opened Image(s) header
      Opened Images list in Page Layout
    • Double-click on any item in the Opened Image(s) list to add it to the Layout
    • Once an image is on the Layout, you can create additional copies of that image on the Layout by clicking the Ups option in the toolbar…
      Ups button for image copies

      …then enter the number of additional copies you want to add to the Layout into the dialog box that pops up and click the green checkmark

      Ups copies dialog

      The additional copies of the image will now appear on the Layout
      Ups copies on Layout
      Note: You can scroll down in the Layout window if you want to confirm the number of copies if they don’t all fit in the window’s view.
    • Repeat the above steps for any other image you want to load onto the Layout
We recommend a maximum of 350 linear (vertical) inches of printing per Layout, to support running a head clean after every 25-30 large prints (approximately 12” x 12”).

That’s how to load images, set their properties, and place them on a new Layout in Print Pro!

To print the Layout, click the Print menu item, then select Print Layout from the toolbar.
Print Layout menu selection

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