OmniPrint i2 Daily Shutdown

Last updated: February 14, 2024
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Properly shutting down your OmniPrint i2 printer at the end of a production day is the most critical maintenance task.

This shutdown maintenance supports producing high-quality prints and maximizing economical operation. That’s because everything we do during the shutdown routine is focused on protecting and prolonging the service life of the printheads.

Process Summary

  1. Run a head cleaning.
  2. Close the ink clips.
  3. Clean the wiper blades.
  4. Clean the capping station seals.
  5. Clean the printheads’ undercarriage.
  6. Flush ink residue from the capping stations.
  7. Wet cap the printheads.
  8. Clean up any ink under the capping stations.
  9. Exit the i2 UI program.
  10. Turn of the i2 printer’s power.
  11. Empty the waste ink bottle.

Illustrated Step-by-Step Details

  1. Run a head cleaning by clicking the Cleaning button on either the Motion & Sensors or Maintenance screen.
    i2 head cleaning from Motion & Sensors or Maintenance screens.
  2. Close the ink clips
    i2 clips closed
  3. Clean the wiper blades with an anti-static foam swab or microfiber cloth wetted with Super Cleaner.
    i2 wiper blade cleaning
  4. Clean the capping stations seals using an anti-static foam swab or microfiber cloth wetted with Super Cleaner.
    i2 capping station seal cleaning
  5. Clean any ink on the underside of the printheads mounting bracket and the side edges of the printheads, being careful to avoid contacting the mirror-like nozzle plates of the printheads (highlighted with a red tint below).
    i2 undercarriage
  6. Flush ink residue from the capping stations.
    • Fill the capping stations with Super Cleaner.
      Both capping stations with Super Cleaner.
    • Run Suction to flush the Super Cleaner and any ink residue out the capping stations.
      Motion & Sensors - Motion box - Suction 5-sec
    • Repeat (or continually squirt Super Cleaner into the capping stations while Suction is running) until the loose ink is rinsed out.
  7. Wet cap the printheads.
    • Fill both capping stations with Super Cleaner until you can see the surface tension of the liquid sitting slightly above the top of the rubber capping station seals.
      Both capping stations full of Super Cleaner demonstrating surface tension dome.
    • Click the Home icon on the Motion & Sensors screen to send the carriage to its Home position, completing the wet cap process.
      i2 UI Home button
  8. Clean up any liquid (ink or Super Cleaner) that may have spilled out of the capping station while flushing and wet capping.
    • Remove the right side access panel for access and visibility.

  9. Exit the i2 UI program by clicking on the door icon in the upper-right corner of its window.
    i2 UI Exit icon.
  10. Switch off the i2 printer’s power.
    i2 power switch highlight
  11. Empty the waste ink bottle.
    i2 waste ink bottle, empty
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