Which Inks Can I Use in My Printer?

Last updated: October 24, 2023
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OmniPrint offers a variety of inks for use in our DTF & DTG printers, but it’s important to note that each printer has only one specific ink type that should be used in it.

Using the wrong ink will give you unpredictable print quality at best, and may result in needing to replace all of the consumable components that ink flows through, including pumps, printheads, dampers, and even tubing.

Please see the following table to confirm the type of ink to be used with your printer.

Printer ModelInk Type
FreeJet 330TXDirect Ink (Dupont)
FreeJet 330TX PlusGamut Plus
OmniDTFGamut Plus Hybrid
i2Gamut Plus Hybrid
CheetahGamut Plus Industrial

Ink Shelf-Life

The shelf-life of our inks is 1-year. Any ink older than that should be disposed of and replaced.

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