OmniDTF Software Installation & Configuration

Last updated: November 8, 2023
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There are three software elements that we work with when setting up a PC for use with the OmniDTF system:

  1. The Windows Control Panel Ethernet adapter configuration.
  2. The OmniDTF UI control software installation & configuration.
  3. The Print Pro DTF RIP software installation & configuration.

The following videos provide step-by-step demonstrations of each of these, plus how to update the Environments (a collection of print type “presets”) within the Print Pro DTF software.

Windows Ethernet Adapter Configuration

Use Windows Control Panel to set the IP address and Subnet mask on the PC that will be used with the OmniDTF system.

OmniDTF UI Installation & Configuration

Installing the OmniDTF UI control software (including the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries, if needed).

Print Pro DTF and HASP Key Driver Installation

Installing the Print Pro DTF RIP software and its companion HASP (Sentinel Key “dongle”) driver.

Configuration of New Print Pro DTF Installations

Configuring a new Print Pro DTF installation, including:

  • Job Spacings for the Layout feature.
  • Printer Name Mapping, including setting the Physical Printer Port to the “TCP/IP RAW” option, selecting the Printer Model of “OmniDTF”, and assigning a Printer Name of your choice.
  • Entering ink costs into the Cost Settings feature.

Updating the Print Pro DTF Environments

How to identify Print Pro DTF’s currently installed Environments and install updated Environments, if needed.

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